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Our KEO, Lady Meghan Blackheart and our King's Lancer, THL Brenna MacGrioghair
traveled to the Shire of Midhaven in the distant kingdom of An Tir in the month of September 2002. These pictures come to us courtesy of Don Andre of Caid.

THL Brenna

This is Brenna on Tristan, a rental from Lang's Horse Farm. Tristan was a sweetie but as it turned out had sore feet, so they did not get to participate in much more than the Procession.

A familiar face, HRH Princess Elina of the Mists
better known to some of us Trimarians as our dearest Countess Elina. She has since married, moved to the West Kingdom and is also a Duchess. This is her getting ready for the procession on Little Man, also a rental from Lang's. As it turned out, Little Man was none too fond of the quintain.
Viscount Sir Jerald of Galloway on Katie
This is THL Brenna's knight, Viscount Jerald of Galloway, who is a resident of An Tir.
THL Brenna and THL Donwenna Beasthealer
Her Ladyship Donwenna was the second Society Equestrian Officer. She is riding her American Cream Draft Valerius.
Katherine of Whiteacre and Pacman
Katherine of Whiteacre, spouse of Don Andre and Queen's Equestrian Champion of Caid. Just behind her is THL Donwenna.
Don Andre
Don Andre of Caid, who graciously supplied this and all of the pictures above. He is making ready for the procession on Joe, a rental from Lang's.