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The roster of the Company of the Azure Rose:

Noble Patroness:

v     Duchess Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Lochawe

v     Duchess Brighid Caileen of the Moors

v     Countess Cherish Fitzgerald

v     Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars

v     Baroness Delila Castillo de Luna Rosa

v     Baroness Marie Genevieve de Cilhdara

v     Baroness Ysabela Celestina Manrique de Palma y Majorca

v     Mistress Elfwyn de Barfleur

Noble Patrons:

v     Duke Gunnar Oxnamegin

v     Sir John de Drakkal, Warlord of the Netherlands

Marshals of the Company:

v     Baroness Aurora Danielle Trevelyan

v     Baroness Brenna Caitlin MacGrioghair of Renwick

Azure Rose Sovereign at Arms:

v     Baron Maredudd ap Cynan

Premier Companions:

v     Lady Meghan Blackheart

v     Lord Robin de Cleir

v     Lady Sunnifa inn gladi Svewnsdottir


v     The Honorable Lady Myra MacGrioghair

v     The Honorable Lady Niccolosa Dragonetti

v     Lady Margaret MacDonald

v     Lady Godiva Longstaff

v     Lady Wynnefryd of Castlemere

v     M’lord Rowan MacGrioghair

v     M’lady Tamra bint TanZyr


Mistresses of the Lyst:

v     Mistress Elfwyn de Barfleur

v     Lady Chiere wrec Maredudd

Chatelaines of the Company

v     The Honorable Lady Sinmora Haukstrand

v     M’Lady Jen of Castlemere


  The Great Charter of the Company of the Azure Rose UNTO all and sundry of the various kingdoms and realms within the Knowne World, as well as any others to whom these presents come, we bid you greeting. We ask that you pray attend this demonstration of our resolve. We call to all gentles of Royal, Princely, Ducal, County, Viscounty, Baronial and Knightly lineage, as well as all Squires, men-at-arms and all gentles of renown that labor at perfecting equestrian skill at arms, as well as all gentles of good faith to pay heed to these words.

WHEREAS those of us bound together as the Company of the Azure Rose are resolved to better exalt the Virtues of Prowess, Courage, Honesty, Largess, Loyalty, Faith, Courtesy, and Franchise, to the betterment of our souls and to the benefit of all.

WHEREAS we wish to reward and promote the above-mentioned virtues, and to display said virtues in martial deeds of splendid prowess, valiant acts, grand presentation and seek to acquire illustrious renown and fame thereby,

WHEREAS those who signify their agreement to this missive crave to do honor to all that is grand, glorious, noble, right, proper and good in the world, in fellowship with those of like purpose,

WHEREAS we proclaim that the Companions of this Company shall endeavor to increase, advance and uphold the banner of chivalry as it was practiced by our noble ancestors, and swearing to do the same, do we hereby ordain these maintenances:

In our gallant Company, we shall strive to do honor to our splendid ancestors, to maintain the equipage, raiment and bearing of gentles-at-arms, to eschew the base vices of malice, anger, vainglory, arrogance and pride, to display kindness and fond friendship and to ever practice, promote and exalt the skillful and strong employment of arms in both tournament and in war.

Also, that every Companion shall revere such goodly arts and mysteries of days past, most especially those relating to the martial use of horses, omitting neither their practice nor their patronage.

Also, that every Companion shall endeavor to better themselves in the use of arms on horseback and in all pursuits that belong to those of noble birth.

Also, that any who would become a Companion must do so by the agreement of the majority of the Company that his or her merits and advantages may be known to all.

Also, that the companions shall gather no less than once per year for a special feast, with their consorts, to address the Company and to administer to the same, and to share agreement together, by custom being at Martinmass Moot each fall.

So do we, Companions of the Company of the Azure Rose, Tenants upon this field, so swear and agree.

  The Articles of the Company of The Azure Rose All Companions of the Company shall strive through word, deed, bearing, manner and appearance to present themselves as an example of the virtues, giving mind and attention to the display of blazon and to the glory of noble harness and equipage, and other gear of tournament and war.

All Companions of the Company shall strive to do all reverence, honor and courtesy to those of gentle birth, and shall not stint or waiver in these matters. For a gentle that cannot practice the gentler arts is little better than a base mule in a noble horse's harness, and is so unfit for gentle company.

All Companions of the Company shall strive ever to improve themselves in the use of Equestrian Arms, and to familiarize themselves with all those pursuits pertaining to a proper gentle-of-arms. Should a Companion be unable to continue the use of Equestrian Arms, let him or her teach the practice of said Arts Martial, and strive to continue in the proud traditions of the Company as best they may.

All Companions of the Company shall strive in all ways possible to give good and generous patronage to Heralds and those who blazon and design distinct and unique arms. All care must be given to reward these worthy gentles that labor day and night to proclaim your fame, prowess and generosity to the Four Corners of the earth. Such reward is only fitting, and should be given with both hands.

All Companions of the Company shall know and reverence the history and traditions of the Kingdom of their birth, and of the nobility placed over them as best they might. Let it be further proclaimed that this is but right and proper, and a praiseworthy custom for any vassal.

All Companions of the Company eschew the scorn and denigration of any person due to their creed, infirmity, faith, lineage, poverty or vow. Should any Companion fall prey to such iniquity, let them be reproved sternly, for such sentiments are contrary to the virtues, and to what the Company stands for.

  The Structure of the Company of The Azure Rose The Company shall have and recognize the following members,
Patroness: The Patroness of the Company shall be a lady of esteemed and noble position who shall serve as our inspiration upon the field and our advisor in the gentler arts.
Premier Companion: Those Companions elected to the Company at its inception.
King of Arms: The King of Arms shall perform the traditional and historic duties Herald. He or she shall be addressed as the Azure Rose King of Arms.
Marshal of the Company: The Marshal shall be responsible for conducting the tournaments of the Company and insuring the requisite field assistance with equipment and weapons is provided
Chamberlain of the Company: The Chamberlain shall keep the Regalia and Honors of the Company. The Chamberlain shall also serve as the list mistress of tournaments at which the Company hold the field as tenants.
Companion: Those Companions elected to the Company after Martinmass, 2002

Election into the Company
Any Companion of the Company may present an individual for prospective membership. Any election of a new Companion must be by a simple majority vote of all Companions.

Customs of the Company
The Company shall meet for a grand tournament and feast at least once per year at Martinmass Moot.

Companions of the Company shall make reasonable effort to attend Gulf Wars each year and there provide service to Trimaris and the equestrians of other Kingdoms gathered there.

Companions of the Company shall bear in common certain items that they may be recognized. These items shall include a lance pennant bearing an azure rose upon an argent field; a surcoat of argent, bound in azure and bearing a single azure rose; or horse trappings of the same design, bearing a single azure rose on the forequarters and hindquarters.